Basic Instructions

1. Enter each Parent's name (optional).
2. Click on each box to enter  amounts and view additional
     instructions. Some fields require detailed input. Click on 

     the 'C' button to the right of a box to calculate that amount.
3. Check the side box for instructions.
4. Click one of the buttons when all amounts that apply
    have been entered. Click 'Child' for a Child Support amount only.
    Click 'Spousal' for a Spousal  Support amount only. Or, click
     'Calculate Both' for both amounts.

5. Click the 'E' button in the center for an Explanation of
      the Family Code.

6. Click on 'Report View' before printing. Click on 'Calculator'

    to restore all of the buttons.

7. Click on your Browser 'Refresh' or 'Reload' button to clear

    all of the fields.

                ************* Note **************"
All items in red must be Court approved including the final amount.


Gross Income


When you click on an Income field, the Income Box will appear. You must enter income here. The source of income affects taxes and withholdings. You may enter the income information of both parties. Do not use commas or the $ sign. If a parent is salaried, enter that amount in Payroll & Wages. If the Court has determined the income from a new partner is to be used in calculations, click the box next to that amount. Click ' Continue' when finished. The income total will appear in the income field.


Tax Income Deductions


When you click on a Deduction field, the Deduction Box will appear. You may enter the deduction information of both parties. Do not use commas or the $ sign. Click Continue when finished. If a Hardship deduction is to be claimed, enter the number of children the party is financially responsible for. This number should not include any children included in this action.


Amounts entered in the lower Tax section will show up in the Taxes Box and on the Report. Enter any children under 13 that are in Day Care but not a part of this action. 


Hardship deductions are to make sure children from another relationship are treated equally in this action. The number of other children and the parent's income are used to limit the deduction. 


Number of Children


Enter the percentage of Custody Time with either parent. The easiest way is to enter percentages on one parent's side only. If you press 'Enter' after inputting an amount, it will be copied in the next box down. Use the delete key to change the amount. Then enter the first child's age. Pressing 'Enter" will move down to the next age box. Click on 'Auto Fill' or 'Continue' and the other side of the Custody Time will fill in automatically. 


Children from another relationship are entered in the Dependents fields as they appear on each tax return and in the Income Deductions Section for Day Care and Hardship cases.



Day Care


When you click on a Day Care field, the Day care box will appear. You may enter the day care and child expenses paid by this person for the child(ren) of this action. Also, enter the percentage of responsibility for the person over 50% if the costs are not shared equally. The default is 50/50.




Click on the Taxes Button to view the tax deductions calculated for both parties. You may click on Edit to enter the actual tax amounts paid. You may change the Earned Income Credit amount if the person has been disqualified for that credit. Click on Calculate Taxes to return to the default (Calculated Tax) amounts. 


Low Income Adjustment


If a party is eligible for a low income adjustment, a button will appear after clicking a calculate button. If this button is clicked, the text box will show the possible range of low income adjustment. The actual amount will be determined by the Court.


Spousal Support


Temporary Spousal Support is calculated after adjusting for Child Support. If you click 'Spousal', the calculator will revert to no children. To calculate Spousal Support when mutual children are involved, enter the number of children and custody time then click 'Calculate Both'. You can change the County if applicable, otherwise use Formula SS. You can select to have Spousal Support calculated with or without the tax adjustments. Spousal Support is tax deductible for the payer and treated as income for the recipient. Child Support has no effect on taxes.




Click on 'Report View' to see a detailed report. You can print the report by selecting 'Print' from your browser while in the report view. Select 'Calculator' to return to the calculator. Only print in the report view. Select Print Preview to see how the report will appear. If you are using Netscape Navigator and the preview is blank, select File - Edit Page. This will load the program into Netscape Composer which will print the report.